Some of what you may not know about the NEC Ready 7022

Ready 7022 PC

So you've got a Ready machine and you're having problems that the built in help, well, doesn't help. Now what?

Here're a few titbits that I've run into over the last few years. Sections are divided into general problems, reinstalls and upgrades

General Problems


Hardware Upgrades

You could finally email NEC's Ready Technical Support group. The quality is sporadic -- last time I used it, it was excellent; previously it worse than useless. Good luck.

If you have any other tips or suggestions, please submit them via this form. Please note this is not an NEC sponsored site, and I am not an NEC tech support person. If I get another flame addressed at me about the irritating points of the Ready system I'm going to get rather annoyed. Oh, all upgrade suggestions, etc, are done at your risk. I take no responsibility for anything evil that might happen.

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