Ready 7022

NEC Ready graphic

Base Processing Unit
CPU:Intel 75MHz Pentium(R) Processor
CPU Upgradeability:Intel Pentium(R) OverDrive(R) Processor
Primary Cache:16KB internal write-back cache
integrated on CPU
Secondary Cache:Upgradable to 512 KB
Main Memory:8MB RAM standard, expandable to 128MB (EDO RAM)

Graphics Controller:Alliance Promotion 6422 64-bit PCI local-bus graphics
controller, 1MB video DRAM standard, expandable to 2 MB
Video:Integrated video scaling capability, color space conversion, plus x and y
direction scaling and filtering
Resolutions:Colors and refresh rates supported with standard Video DRAM
Resolutions 256 64K 16.7M
640 x 480 75Hz 75Hz 75Hz
800 x 600 75Hz 75Hz 75Hz*
1024 x 768 75Hz 75Hz* NA
1280 x 1024 75Hz* NA NA
*requires optional 2MB DRAM
Audio:16-bit 3-D Surround Sound wavetable included) 7W speakers, & Telex Voice
Commander microphone
Modems/ Networking:28.8Kbps fax/data modem, hands-free full duplex speakerphone,
multiple voice mail boxes (with password protection), instant-on for auto-answer

Mass Storage Devices
Hard Drive:1.08GB IDE
Floppy Drive:1.44 MB 3.5"(Standard)
CD ROM:Integrated quad speed CD-ROM drive 600 KB/sec
data transfer rate, 250 ms access time
Kodak Multisession Photo CD compatible

Chassis Expansion
Drive Bays:One 3.5" external drive bay (1.44 FDD)
Three 5.25" external drive bays (CD-ROM reader in one) One 3.5"
internal drive bays (HDD in one)
Expansion Slots:Five I/O Slots:
One dedicated 32-bit PCI slot
Three ISA slots (two available)
One shared 32-bit PCI/ISA slot

Disk Interface:32-bit PCI Enhanced IDE interface
High speed Mode 4 data transfer of a maximum burst rate of more than 16MB/s
Dual channels support up to 4 PCI IDE devices
Front Panel:Power on switch
Suspend switch
Power and HDD Activity Indicators
Power Supply:200 Watt, 115V/220V switch selectable
Rear Panel:Two DB9 RS-232 buffered serial ports
One DB25 parallel port(ECP/EPP)
One DB15 Video Port
One 6-pin mini-DIN Keyboard port
One 6-pin mini-DIN Mouse port
One Microphone port
One Speaker port
One RJ-11 phone port
Infrared:IrDA infrared data transfer capability
including TranXit software by Puma

Input Devices
Mouse:NEC PS/2 style, 2 button mouse
Keyboard:Windows 95 PC Enhanced keyboard,104-key,
6-pin mini-DIN connector
Remote Control:Hand-held remote control unit for
telephony/audio applications

Security & Convenience
Security:User authentication, system identification, system configuration
control, system log-in events tracking
Energy Savings:Suspend/resume: instant on/off to save
power without rebooting
Configuration:Full Plug and Play compatibility with ICU for ISA cards MPC
Level 2 compatible

Operating System:Microsoft Windows TM95
Included Software:Microsoft BobTM, Microsoft WorksTM, Microsoft PublisherTM,
Microsoft EncartaTM , Microsoft ExplorapediaTM, Quicken SE/MM,
Felix the Caf,KeroppiTM Day Hopper, Hello KiW, Pitfall: The Mayan
Adventure,TM Silent SteelTM,Descenfm Shanghai: Great Moments,
Echo LakeTM, MidiSoftTM MediaWorksTM, TalkShop ,TranXit-TM IRDA,
Netscape NavigatorTM, America Online , CompuServe , ImagiNation Network, Prodigy

Copyright 1996 NEC USA, Inc.

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