What I'm playing on my Amiga!

If you're bored and you have an Amiga, these following games are what I'm playing at the moment. All are harddrive installable and run on my 4000/030:

Dungeon Master 2

Newer version to the classic Dungeon Master game, except it's larger, slower and IMHO not quite as much fun. On the other hand, it'll definitely keep you busy for a while. Produced my FTL/Interplay.


Sid Meier's sequel to Civilization. Leave Europe to settle the New World and then rebel and seek independence from your colonial overlord back home. Astonishingly addictive gameplay and quite reasonable graphics. Same clunky Microprose sound though. Produced by Microprose UK.

Hired Guns

Classic 1-4 player game. Although a little old, the premise behind this game is that you're in control of a group of mercenaries attempting to obliterate an alien presence on a colony world in the distant future. Played from a first person viewpoint with four separate views for each of the characters, the gameplay and sound effects have to be experienced to be believed. Released by Psygnosis.


Artillerus meets Lemmings. See a worm, target a worm, blow away a worm with heavy weaponry. Sideview game play with all sorts of nifty weaponry and tactics; again, up to 4 people can play. Released by Team 17/Ocean.

Star Trek - 25th anniversary

Slow clunky AGA port of the PC game. Guide the crew of the Starship Enterprise through their voyages as they encounter new civilizations and endless better equipped enemy vessels. Released by Interplay.


Ok, it's not harddrive installable, but it fits on one disk and is a lot of fun. Guide a heavily armed helicopter over a quilt like landscape destroying enemy tanks, missile bases, attack boats, aircraft, helicopters, soldiers and so forth while protecting and rescuing your own forces. Released by Binary Asylum.

As you can probably imagine I rotate through the games depending on what I'm feeling like and how badly I've got stuck in them :-)

Older Games

Other games I play on a semi-regular basis include:


Classic overhead strategy game. Incredible animation with a healthy sense of humour. The aim is to build up your medieval country paying attention to opposing players, economies and primary resource development. But play it for the animation; you won't be disappointed. Highly addictive. Released by Blue Byte.

Impossible Mission 2025 Special Edition

Platform based game. Improvement on the old Impossible Mission for the C64 which is graphically excellent and quite quite playable. I don't like platform games as a rule, but this one was fun. Released by Microprose.

Pinball Illusions

AGA Pinball game. Buy this. Play this. Waste hours and hours and hours. Smooth scrolling, oozing game play, wonderful tables, good sound. Released by Digital Illusions/21st Century.

Railroad Tycoon, Civilization

Lumped together, because they're both Sid Meier games. Both are God Sims, one involving building and maintaining the rail systems of Britain, Europe, Eastern USA and Western USA, and the other just involving taking over the world. Both are still very playable despite aging ECS graphics and can quite easily eat up the better part of a weekend. Released by Microprose UK.

Push Over

This one isn't harddrive installable either, but also a lot of fun. While marking the fall of computer games into corporate sponsorship (no, I don't like Quavers), the game is a remarkably good puzzle/arcade game. You control GI ant, the notable soldier ant, whose responsiblity it is to recover a missing bit of snack food for a corporate dog. To do this you have to push over a large variety of dominoes that have different effects in a particular order and be able to leave the current level thereafter. In addition to involving a lot of though in trying to figure out what the twisted minds of the games have intended for the current level, you have to be really fast with a joystick to manoeuver the ant around the game, picking up or dropping dominoes at appropriate times, as well as jumping through holes or whatever as the game progresses. Worth a good look at. Released by Ocean.

Super Skidmarks Graphic

Skidmarks 2

Racing game that's a but touchy when it comes to anything other than standard PAL modes, but is entirely harddrive installable. On the other hand, it's one of the better overhead racing games I've seen with extensive options (including up to 8 players on linked machines) and a really fast pace. Released by Acid Software.


Tiles with a Mahjongg base. Remove all the tiles on the board by removing doubles in sequence. Deceptively hard and overly addictive. Despite being written in 1986, it still looks excellent (rather better than the sequel released on the IBM with the animation) and mode promotes. Released by Activision.

Simcity 2000

Sequel to the old SimCity. Build and develop your city, taking care of the Sim's need for housing, work, education, public services and so forth. Graphically stunning, compulsive gameplay once you get into it, but slower than molasses in January. Released by Maxis.

Adventure games I've still not finished

Wizardry 6

Most of the Infocom Adventures


Innocent until Caught

Out of This World

MegaTraveller 1 & 2

Games I bought but cannot recommend

Innocent Until Caught




Pinball Mania

21st Century

Lots of others whose names escape me right now

Lots of People

Public domain/Shareware Games recommended


Tetris variant, but runs on the Workbench and changes the gameplay a bit.

Klondike AGA v2

Card game with beautiful looking cardsets. v3 crashes my machine.


Probably the best version of LodeRunner I've seen. Supports up to 4 players, multitasks and all sorts of other wonderful things.

Poing 3

Glorious Little Brickout variant; again it multitasks, plays well and is free!

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